May 172014
Purex Crystal Dryer Sheets

I’ve been introduced to the new Purex Crystal Dryer Sheets, and let’s just say – I love them!  Purex has had fabric dryer sheets out on the shelves for a long time now, but these rock.  What makes these dryer sheets different than the older version?  They have a LOT of scent! They have three times the scent of the old ones.  For me, the stronger the scent the better I like it!

Features of the New Purex Crystals Fabric Dryer Sheets:

  • 30 Days of long-lasting freshness
  • Reduces static cling
  • Repels pet hair
  • Repels lint

My Findings:

So let me just say that when I opened the box that contained the fabric dryer sheets – the air filled with scent.  I was in heaven.  Unfortunately my box came crushed, so I didn’t want to post a picture that would look crappy, but can tell you I received the Sweet Lavender scent.  We’ve been adding these to our loads of laundry since they arrived.  Actually, we add two for the mere fact that I have a huge washer and dryer drum and so that means if I want a lot of scent – I need to add extra of any fabric softer or dryer sheet because my loads are so large.

I can’t tell you that the scent will last 30 days because our laundry gets washed frequently.  I do a good 10 loads per week.  However, I can tell you that the scent lasts from wash to wash.  Static cling reduction – I can’t comment on how well it works for that either as none of us in the family wears anything that poses such a problem.

And, though we do see a reduction of pet hair using the Purex fabric softener dryer sheets; it would be totally misleading of me to say that no hair gets on our clothes.  With having 13 cats and a long haired dog, in addition to it being shedding season since the end of January (this year I don’t think it’s going to ever end), for me to even expect the product to repel pet hair having all these animals – would be crazy thinking.

As far as lint is concerned – that isn’t as much of an issue in our home as is the animal hair.  I am careful to wash linty articles of laundry like my son’s terry cloth clothing protectors and bath towels with items that don’t attract lint.  That said, I have noticed a decrease in lint the black shirts that my daughter wears when they come out of the dryer as well as my comfy black jersey knit pants.

Regardless of what the features of the product are – the scent alone is enough for me to buy more.

Other Uses

  1. Line clothing drawers
  2. Stick a couple of these in their floor vents during the winter months and the entire house would smell so fresh from the heat activating the scent
  3. Giving a clothing gift?  Line the box with a Purex Dryer Sheet (be sure your recipient doesn’t have allergies
  4. Stuff a few in unused luggage
  5. Use them to dust
  6. Tuck a few – or a box – under the seats of your car.  I’d go as far as poking a few holes in the box 🙂

Visit to see what they’re up to!


With all this said, Purex wants you to try out these new fabric softener sheets.  Below is the giveaway form – Rafflecopter powered – entry is simple and entries will be verified.  Winners have 48 hours to respond before another winner will be chosen.  Please read the Terms & Conditions on the Rafflecopter form for complete giveaway details.

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