Dec 022012

Have you ever had the chance to experience canvas prints? I hadn’t until recently when Printcopia asked me to do a canvas print review. I have always wanted to see what  would look like on canvas; but I didn’t want to spend the money on a canvas print in fear that I wouldn’t like it.  One of my biggest fears was that the image I was to choose wouldn’t be one of a good enough quality.  Thus the canvas print would come out looking like crap.   I’d much rather save my money and put it towards something that is a ‘sure’ thing.

Needless to say, I had nothing to lose by doing the Printcopia review.  I even knew what I wanted to put for an image on the canvas the moment I read the email.  And should the canvas print come out really nice once I had it in hand – I thought it would make the perfect Christmas gift for my daughter’s grandparents.

Printcopia’s platform is very user-friendly.  The platform takes one through the process step-by-step, so there’s no way for one to miss any options.  The first step is to choose the size and thickness of the canvas – mine was an 8×10″. One can also select a custom size. I uploaded the picture after I had cropped out some of the image that I didn’t want to see on the canvas print. Surprisingly, at the bottom of the page was a status bar that indicated if the image is good enough to print on the canvas. You have no idea what a relief it was to see that status bar!  Then, I needed to choose what I wanted to see on the border. My choices were to have the image to wrap around the sides of the canvas, mirror the image, or a border color. I decided to have the image wrap around the border and I was very happy in the end that I had. Next, are two options given for hanging the canvas – the standard wall hanger or a canvas stand.  And lastly, one can opt to have color finishing (B&W or Sepia) and image retouching. I didn’t do either. That’s it! Onto checkout and checkout was painless.

It was no time before I received my canvas print. I couldn’t wait to open the package to see how it came out – I was like a little kid in a candy store. I was elated to see the image on the canvas look so well!  I took pictures of the canvas – but I am not posting those for the mere fact that no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get a picture of the print that did the canvas photo justice.

I now wish I hadn’t been so intimated by ordering canvas prints before now.  I feel confident that the print will last a very long time, as archival inks are used on archival quality canvas.  And as for the canvas print being a Christmas gift…that it is…except…it was given to the grandparents the day I received it (my other half couldn’t keep it a surprise).

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