Jul 272011
Prepaid Cards are becoming increasingly popular.  They function like a debit card more than a credit card.  One can only spend the funds loaded onto the card.  They are great for those who don’t have good credit, or a checking account, and are much safer than carrying cash.  There’s no way to overdraw the account and there are no high interest fees associated with a prepaid card.  In addition, there are no credit checks involved when signing up for a prepaid card.

So you ask…what is an easy solution to funding a prepaid card?  The answer is the Green Dot Credit Card because they are:

  • Easily found at local retailers
  • Come with no forms to fill out
  • No personal information is shared
  • Are easy to fund

The Green Dot Credit Card has the ability for you to:

  • Reload prepaid cards
  • Add money to a PayPal account without a bank account  
  • Make payments
  • Use it on Ebay
  • Check your balance easily

The method of using a Prepaid Card would be great for college students, teens learning to budget their money and individuals that yearn for a credit card, but are unable to obtain one.

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