Jun 262015

It’s bathing suit season and for plus size women most tend to not look forward to being seen in a bathing suit.  If you fit in that category and want a fun way to discover what type of bathing suit to wear based on your personality, you may find it interesting to take AlwaysForMe.com’s  quiz.

I took the quiz and my results were…..

Unfortunately, I will not wear a swim dress, so that rules out that style for me.  Although they are nice, I prefer a one-piece with a pair of swim shorts over the suit.  Those two pieces together work real well for me, and in a sense, you can kind of compare it to being extremely similar to a swim dress.

I’m rather picky on the style of a one-piece that I’ll wear.  It has to be stylish, yet supportive in the bust.  It must not be high-cut in the leg and I prefer that it has straps that aren’t going to slide down my shoulders with every move. The swim shorts must be on the longer side and roomy.  Now compare what I like with what my MIL likes – she’d be wearing the swim dress.  It’s just all a matter of preference.

At AlwaysForMe.com you’ll find all types of plus size women swimwear to choose from.  From styles being one-piece, two-piece, bikini’s, swim shorts, cover-ups, you’ll find they carry them all.  Some suits are fancy in nature and have ruffles or fringe.  Some are simple and plain.  All-in-all there is a suit style for everyone.  Sizes range from 16W to 26W.  You can shop by body type.

So women, when you’re searching this summer for a new swimsuit, check out what AlwaysForMe.com has for plus size women swimwear.  Take their personality quiz to see if you’re preferred style matches what your quiz results show.

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