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Places to Look for QR Codes that Offer Discounts

QR codes are versatile. Some companies use these “magic” tools to offer savings on all kinds of products you already buy. This post aims to help you find QR codes that will save you money and time while you mystery shop. By putting a little extra change in your pocket, QR codes can make you smile!

What Kinds of Things Can You Buy for Less with QR Codes?

Retailers have fallen in love with these great codes. The list of available deals grows daily, and the types of things on which you can save money are already quite varied.

Right now, you can use a QR code to save money on:

  • Toys
  • Video games
  • Food
  • Jewelry
  • Clothes
  • Appliances
  • Movie tickets
  • Many things

Go to your favorite retailer’s website. They may have a QR code you can download and use to save money at one of their locations.

Who Uses QR Codes to Save Money?

It is likely that most people you know with a smartphone have used a money-saving QR image. Those people include:

  • Moms
  • Dads
  • Thespians
  • Teachers
  • Smart office managers
  • Personal trainers who like cheese
  • Your plumber
  • Dancers
  • Prancers

To find codes that save you dough, all you have to do is know where to look.

Where Will You Find Money-Saving QR Codes?

As discounts with QR codes become more popular, you will be able to find them many places. Consider these ideas:

  • At your grocer, look for a sign posted near the entrance that might have a QR code for savings
  • Some retailers mail valued customers promotional QR codes periodically, and you can sign up to receive those mailings
  • If you network for business, you will notice some business cards feature QR codes that may save you money on products and services
  • Anytime you see a print advertisement, it may contain a QR code that will save you money. As with many things, you will find more QR codes when you begin seriously looking for them. These little wonders are all over the place!

How Much Money Can You Save?

In truth, the amount you actually save by using QR code discounts will depend upon your individual choices. Some QR codes offer deep savings. Catch a company at the right time with the right code, and you could find yourself paying less than half of the an item’s retail price. That is a definite bargain!

Get Busy!

Now that you know the “why and how” of saving money with QR codes, do not waste time. Find the codes you need to pay less for the things you already buy. You might even find a code that makes it possible for you to “splurge for less” on something you have wanted to own for a long time.

Happy deal hunting!

This contribution comes from Sentry Marketing Group, a mystery shopping and survey company in Dallas. They blog about mystery shopping, surveys, promotions, and foodservice trends.

Looking to generate your own QR Codes that offer discounts?  Check out this post.

  12 Responses to “Places to Look for QR Codes that Offer Discounts”

Comments (12)
  1. Did not know this. Thank you for the information

  2. I have used them in fast foods and grocery stores, but will have to check for more. I love to save.

  3. This was a lot of great information. Thank you. Great post!

  4. My 92 year old Mom was just mentioning the other day that she is seriously thinking about buying a smart phone (not–I do not have one!!)–she is also a bargain shopper. Id she does get one which is very likely I will immediately tell her about these codes–She is all about saving money!!

    • That’s so cute Michele! I just love that she’s 92yo and is open to a smart phone! Make sure if she gets one – that it has enough memory on it. I use Virgin Custom (I only pay for what I need – literally), but the phone doesn’t have enough space. I just deleted Savings Star and Ibotta because I wanted an anti-virus on it. For whatever reason, the phone wouldn’t let me put those on external memory. I was so bummed!

  5. I find QR codes annoying to try to use, mainly because I never seem to be able to get my phone to read them. I didn’t know they could be used for discounts though. Maybe I will give them another shot!

  6. i wished i had a smart phone–i could use it for this….maybe someday soon

    • One never knows Randy. I held out as long as I could before going to a smart phone. They’re nice for the money saving apps but the rest I could pretty much do without.

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