Feb 162012

I was given the opportunity to review the maze game named the Perplexus Original – a single player game made by Plasmart.  If you’re unfamiliar with what the Perplexus is – let me define it simply.  It’s a transparent spherical ball with barriers and tracks inside that create a maze.  Then there is this little silver marble that the player has to maneuver through the maze by flipping, twisting, and shifting the ball in the direction you want the silver ball to go – keeping in mind that gravity plays a huge part in staying on the right track. There are three tracks for the player to choose from where they would like to start their game.  Follow the numbered tracks to make your way to the end.  Of course, even though it’s designed for a single player, you can always challenge your friends – racing each other against the clock.

When I first picked up the Perplexus to give it a go – I found myself frustrated.  However, the kids who played with it – they had a great time in trying to figure out a way to make it to the end.  I tried again later on, and I still had a hard time.  I think part of my problem was that I found it hard to see the numbers on the tracks of the paths I was on.  The other part of my problem – coordination!  I definitely am not the best when it comes to working with things like this in my hands.

All in all though – I think kids and adults would find themselves intrigued with wanting to solve this puzzle.  To find a retailer near you, visit their website.  You’ll also find on their site a video and other styles available for purchase.  You can find them on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Would you like to give your hand at trying to accomplish getting to the end of the Perplexus?  You have the opportunity to do just that.  The company is generously providing my readers the chance to win one for themselves.  Entry is easy –

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  1. this reminds me of the marble game my dad make when he taught boy scouts,only u couldnt see inside the maze. This looks like something I would play with.

  2. Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. It is something you will want to play with! It's very intriguing!

  4. You're very welcome 🙂

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