Mar 032015

Our Visit to the Ice Castles Lincoln NH 2015 – Save with Promo Code

Stunningly beautiful the Ice Castles Lincoln NH 2015 are.  This year the event is being held at the Hobo Railroad daily.  Use the Promo Code below to save!

We had so much fun walking about the enclosed area where you find yourself surrounded by ice everywhere.  To touch the ice was like feeling a silky smooth piece of silk.  To watch the colors change to from one color to the next was beautifying.

If you dare – or have kids – find the ice slide.  The end is like coming out of one of those enclosed water slide tubes.

Look above your head and you see ice spikes hanging above you.  Yes, there literally was ice everywhere!

As we walked about we had a lot of fun taking the ice formations and turning them into other things we saw.  Do you see a set of four formations that resemble soldiers in the picture below?

And then there was a what appeared to be a glass ice ball – actually several.  Naked to the eye, that’s all you could really see from where we stood – a round ice ball.  Now take a look at the picture below – this one below is special.  Do you see Olaf in that ice ball?

To add to your entertainment there is a guy who juggled fire sticks to music.  Very entertaining – but nothing that you’d ever catch me doing!

We honestly weren’t sure that we were going to make it to see the Ice Castles this year, as we had scheduled ourselves to go on three other occasions.  I was beginning to think it was an omen to go, but was quickly reminded not to think that way, and shoot for going one more time.  I’m so glad we did.

Should you like to see them for yourself – they are being held through March 14, 2015*.  You can schedule your visit and purchase your tickets online at  Save yourself some money when you book online using the promo code “awesome ice” if that doesn’t work for you try “awesomeice” (no space between the words).

*Note that the closing date may change dependent on Mother Nature.  She’s keeping us quite cold here in NH.



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