Aug 292012
child safety kit

I can’t imagine being a parent and learning that my child is missing.  I can’t imagine what my state of mind

would be like.  That’s why when our local police department was offering free child safety kits, I snagged a few!  I wanted to periodically update the kit as my daughter aged.  I know in my heart I would be a basket case if she ever went missing; so I wanted to make sure that I had all the important, pertinent information all in one place – including a fingerprint.

Should I ever be faced of being put in this position – I wouldn’t have to think twice about anything.  I wouldn’t miss any important detail from being a mental case.  All I would need to do is hand the child safety kit over to the police (of course, I am so anal about having back ups of everything – I’d have a scanned copy in my computer, which would further be backed up on a cloud drive).  Time is of essence when a person, especially a child, goes missing.  Every second counts!

Don’t ever think it’s too early to think about this.  It’s never too early to get this information all in one spot.  A parent can’t have the frame of mind that it could never happen to their family – there are just too many nuts in the world these days.  Your child, just like mine, is not excluded from the equation of being kidnapped.  Your child could go missing, just like mine, by simply deciding he/she is going for a walk in the woods.  Your child could be separated from you at a store, a fair, a playground – one NEVER knows.

Order your kit if:

  • If you’re expecting – order a kit, put it in motion at the soonest possible moment.
  • If your child is 15 – get a kit!  There’s no discrimination against someone taking a teenager!
  • If your a grandparent – order a kit – mom and dad might not know they’re out there.
  • Heck – order one for yourself!  Tell someone where to find it should it ever be needed.
  • Or how about your elderly parent that has Alzheimers and may decide to wander off.
  • Don’t exclude getting one for your child with disabilities!
  • Order yours if you live in areas of the country where natural disasters happen.

Did I miss anyone?  I hope not!   If I did – order a kit!

If you’ve every watched Nancy Grace – you KNOW how often she highlights missing children throughout the country.  It’s sad to see so many beautiful children missing; and it’s just as sad to see the parents on the show pleading for a safe return of their child, or begging for anyone who knows the whereabouts of their child to come forward.  It kills me even more so if the child has a disability.

Don’t wait – do it now before you forget or get busy doing something else – it’s THAT important.  This particular child safety kit comes complete with having a strip of ink to capture your child’s fingerprint.  Get your free child safety kit {here}.  And DON”T FORGET to update the photo at least every six (6) months!  By the way – you can order up to 4 of these child safety kids 🙂

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  1. How do you order the kits?

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