Jul 132011

New coupons added for you to print out…check them out!  There are coupons for dog food, kids, cereals and more.

The coupon I am most excited over is the Greased Lightning $1.00 off coupon.  You have no clue how much I love this product!  I actually get really ugly when I go to use it and someone in the house hasn’t bothered to tell me they’ve used it and that we are almost OUT!

If you’ve never used this product before, you don’t know what you’re missing.  You know how kitchen walls and items up above the cupboards get easily soiled with a greasy like film?  This stuff cuts through that film like a charm.  Spray it on your wall then take the steam cleaner to that area and you’ll be amazed at how dirty your wall was beforehand.

I also use this on cleaning my vertical blinds…I put the blinds in a kiddie pool or the bathtub, spray them with the Greased Lightning and let them sit.  Within a couple of minutes, the Greased Lightning has done its job for the most part.  Sometimes, it takes a couple of applications if the blinds are really dirty – no biggie though, it beats scrubbing them with a brush and the cording comes out looking new.  I spray this on any clothing that has a stain before washing – sometimes combining the Greased Lightning with a laundry stain remover.  I have real good luck getting stains out this way…even stains that have set in.

Do you have Roman Shades in your home?  Read how I cleaned the Roman Shades in my son’s room {here}.

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