May 112012
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Okay, if you’re not a MyPoints Member – you need to read this post – seriously!

MyPoints is a website where one earns points for every dollar they spend at participating retailers on the MyPoints website. In addition, one can earn points for doing the following:

  • Completing one’s profile
  • Reading Bonus emails
  • Searching the web using the MyPoints toolbar or through their site
  • Completing Surveys
  • Through MaxPoint offers
  • Referring friends
  • Printing Coupons
  • Participating in free trials
  • Playing games
  • Using the MyPoints Credit Card

Earn enough points to cash in towards gift cards.  There are MANY gift cards to choose from in different dollar amounts. My statement as of today, is below.  You can see I’ve earned 57,090 Points since I’ve been a member.  There are many other people that earn a lot more than that – because they work the site.  I am bad for using their site for searches, I am bad and don’t do many of their surveys, and I am bad when it comes to clicking through their site to shop at a participating site.  The latter is because I also use Mr.Rebates and Ebates for cash back shopping.  When I do, I figure out which site will give me the most for my dollar spent.  I don’t print coupons, and very seldom do I take advantage of their MaxPoints.  I am not a game player either. I did sign up for their credit card and I use that all the time now.

When I go to cash in my points for gift cards – I will figure out if it’s best for me to cash in for several smaller dollar gift cards or for the larger dollar amounts.  I will also see which gift card gives me the most for my points.  I’ve been cashing my points in for iTune gift cards for my daughter.  I have a friend that likes to use her’s for restaurant establishments.

If you’re going to be online, shop online, read emails – why not take advantage of sites like MyPoints?  There’s nothing that’s going to get you rich FAST, but every penny saved is a penny earned.


Sign-up is pain-free….and you can do that {here}.  Don’t forget to complete your profile – you’ll get points for doing that.  Make sure you opt in for their bonus emails, open them and click on where you get points at the bottom.  These bonus emails expire so don’t let them sit for too long.  Each one is worth 5pts. You’d be surprised how fast points can add up.

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  1. I buy my groupons through them to get more bang for my buck 🙂

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