Nov 032011
If you shop online, you need to consider using this site.  Sign up is free, it’s secure, and simple.  Once you sign up, you can earn points in many ways.  My most favorite way of earning points is by shopping through their site.  Each store offers different point values on the dollars spent.  The points do add up fast. Since 2007, when I became a member, I’ve earned over 49,000 points.  I’ve redeemed points several times, most recently I redeemed points for a $50 iTunes card and I still have over 32,000 points. 
In addition, I make sure to read my emails and click on the offers in those.  Most of the emails are worth 5pts just for clicking them and reading the offer with more points awarded if you take advantage of the offer.  On occasion, I receive emails for surveys.  I have to admit, I don’t usually do much with these because I have become discouraged with surveys in general.  I will use their toolbar (when I think of it), as you can earn points from completing searches. There are other ways to earn points as well – but I can’t say I utilize those ways – so I’d rather not give my two-cents on them.

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