May 292012

Owning a home is just about everyone’s dream.  One saves for the down payment and for the lending fees for years.  Then when you feel the time is right one heads to a realtor to begin the process of finding the right home.  Yay!  That home is found…now what?  Now it’s time to find a lender or a mortgage broker that will get you the best deal possible for that long-term loan. 

We all tend to head to the bank to obtain a mortgage – it’s the traditional thing to do. However, it may be in one’s best interest to look into what a mortgage broker has to offer.  Mortgage brokers work for you and not the lender; therefore, your best interests are at heart.  With there being so many mortgage brokers, one needs to do their homework before settling with the first one they find.  You’ll want one that can do the job from start to finish.  Start to finish – meaning being able to determine your financial circumstances, getting you pre-approved, gathering all the necessary documents, be able to complete the lender application form, explaining legalities and then submitting all the information to the lender – all while having your best interest at heart.

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