Dec 232011
Santa arrives from the North Pole right?  Create footsteps of Santa entering and leaving your home – for the kids to see Christmas morning.

Here’s what you need to do – very simple:                             

  • Using two pieces of cardboard or paper large enough to replicate Santa’s boot sole shape (one piece will do – it just takes a little more time to create the prints on the floor).  
  • Using a shoe or boot – trace the sole onto the paper medium
  • Cut out the traced portion – which will leave you what looks like the shape of a foot stencil  
  • Lay the inner stencil (the cut out piece) on the floor 
  • Using either flour, baking soda or baby powder – sprinkle the stencil with this (a sifter works real well for this)
  • Continue throughout your house where Santa would walk
You can do this even if you don’t have snow on the ground – Santa comes from where snow is all year round :-).

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