May 202015
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There are certain times of the year where I experience frizziness with my hair.  Most generally my hair acts up when my perm is beginning to fade and when there’s not enough humidity in the air.  Then there are other times when my hair just displays a dull sheen.

I know that there are products out there that I can use for those hair troubles – I just don’t bother.  But for those who find the need to bother – there are two more products to add to that list – STYLE and TAME products by Madison Reed.

What is STYLE? 

STYLE is a lightweight styling cream that provides frizz-fighting hold, while conditioning and protecting hair.

What is TAME?

TAME is a lightweight smoothing emulsion that makes hair more manageable and adds shine before and after styling

Both products are designed to nourish hair with natural hydrating oils and create both smooth waves and sleek straight styles.

Madison Reed makes it easy for you to purchase.  You can make a one-time purchase or schedule convenient deliveries (cancel anytime).

View the Style and Tame set

Do you use products like these?  What works best for you?

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