Apr 242012
MacX user panel

MacX DVD Ripper Pro software by Digiarty is a backup and ripping solution for Mac and Windows users.  One can rip DVD’s to iPhones, iPads including the new iPad 3, iPods, iTunes and more. The software is

basically an all-in-one solution for one’s ripping and file conversion needs.  I recall needing to convert a file my daughter had to or from AVI (can’t remember which now) – what a time I had finding a free one that actually worked after installing it.  I was never so frustrated.  Had I had this program at the time it would have been a breeze to convert that music file she had.

Being two versions available – one for Macs and one for Windows – I was able to give the windows version a whirl.  My goal was to rip DVD’s to my computer to upload to our iPad and my daughter’s iPod.  I found the interface of the software confusing at first; but I was quickly able to catch on to what the options were all about using the support provided by the company and their website.

Here’s a screenshot of the User’s panel (click to enlarge):

Notice all the options available.  They’ve got all the file extensions covered and all the Mac products as well. One can adjust the video quality, the output image settings, volume settings and more. There is a safe mode option, which is used when having trouble ripping a DVD.  For whatever reason, I needed to use this with one of the DVD’s I was trying to rip.  The safe mode worked like a charm for that particular DVD.  I had no problem with another DVD I ripped – thus no need to use the safe mode.

Other products from Digiarty include:

With the price of this software being very reasonable given what it does – one can’t go wrong.  I know this software is going to make my life a lot easier when I get done ripping all my son’s Barney DVD’s. I’ll be able to take the iPad with us to doctor’s appointments and keep him occupied while we’re waiting.

Thanks to Digiarty Software (MACXDVD) – they are offering up 30 copies of their MacX DVD Ripper Pro Software.  Twenty (20) Windows Users will get a code to download the Windows version of the software and ten (10) Mac Users will get a code to download the Mac Version.  Good Luck to all!


Windows Users enter Here


Mac Users enter below 


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