Jul 042014

Women!  Clothing is expensive – there’s no doubt about that.  If you’re someone who doesn’t mind owning slightly used clothing (pants, shirts, skirts, accessories, etc.) then you might just like shopping at LikeTwice.com.   Alternatively – you can sell your clothes to them.

LikeTwice is where you buy and sell women’s used clothing online.  LikeTwice has clothing from a slew of designers, including top designers as well as other retailers like – the Gap, American Eagle, Eddie Bauer, Levi’s, The Limited, and so many more.   You’ll be buying quality clothing as they don’t buy clothing from stores like Target, Old Navy, and Forever 21.  All clothing sold to them – must be gently used without there being any stains on them.

LikeTwice isn’t a consignment shop.  Selling is very easy.  You’ll get paid for items you’re selling upfront via PayPal, check or store credit, if you accept LikeTwice’s offer. And to ship to them – either print a prepaid shipping label or request a free selling bag to mail LikeTwice your items.  If you don’t like the offer(s) they’ve given you, you pay $5 for them to ship the items back to you.  If you opt to use the money you’d get from selling your clothes as a store credit – you’ll end up with getting more for your clothing to spend on other clothes on their site.

So it may be time for you to go on a shopping spree for those designer clothes you’ve yearned for.  Or maybe just because you want something new to you.  Or maybe you’d like to earn some money for clothes you no longer wear and clean out your closet.  Whatever the reason – it’s worth taking a look at LikeTwice.com to see what you might be missing.

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