Jun 272012
fanny pack

See this leather fanny pack waist bag?  I wish these were around when my children were small.  Carrying them, or an infant seat, and a purse – was the pits.  Since learning of fanny packs, I have been using them for years, instead of a pocketbook/purse.  I LOVE them.  

They are great for when you don’t want to carry a purse around all day – like if you’re going to an amusement park, playground, hiking, casino, the zoo, or even just shopping.

I just bought this one – it was one of the first ones I purchased, but couldn’t find it again anywhere, until last week.  I prefer fanny packs that aren’t the patched leather as they seem to hold up longer and they are better looking – this one is not patched leather.

This particular one is LOADED with compartments.  Four large zippered compartments with there being two inner zippered compartments, slots for my credit cards and my license.  In fact, there are so many compartments that I forget which compartment I put what in.  The largest of the compartments is huge and is located in the middle.  My cell fits nicely in the cell holder.  I can store my credit cards away from my money and change.   For the $20 I paid for this – I am a very happy camper to have found this one again.

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