Jun 302011
Ever since my daughter has known about drugs and alcohol (which comes early now-a-days), and even before taking a course her grammar school required in 5th grade called D.A.R.E
(Drug Abuse Resistance Education), I began to talk to her about the affects of drugs and alcohol.  I want her to be informed.  I want her to make the right choices.

Regardless what I may do, other parents may not find it so easy to talk to their child/children.   Some kids think parents don’t know anything and just won’t listen.  To help parents to be able to discuss these issues with their kids  The Substance Abuse and Mental Heath Services Administration puts out a publication to assist you.  In fact, even though I have talked to my daughter and she’s had the D.A.R.E course, I am still going to download the PDF version to read.  I want to make sure I touch all the bases on this subject with my daughter.  

SAMHSA offers a choice of one being able to download the publication or order it via snail mail….both ways are FREE.

Here’s a synopsis of what you can expect from this publication: 
“Discusses skills parents and caregivers can use to prevent illicit drug use among teens. Describes problems caused by marijuana, alcohol, and other substances; signs of drug use; and ways to enforce rules, give advice, and deal with teens caught using drugs.”

You have nothing to lose, and possibly a lot to gain by reading this material…it pays to be informed.

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