Feb 292012

Japanese artist Mio I-zawa created this not-so-cool (in my eyes) iPhone charger.  I first read about it on Zagg’s blog and had to research it for myself – I just couldn’t believe my eyes!  This charger pulsates and moves as well as partially swallowing up the phone into what is suppose to be ‘the womb’ while it charges the phone.Yep – I think I am real good on not having one of these.  I’m sure there are people out there that would think this is really cool – I am just not one of those people.  Thoughts anyone?

This same artist seems to like to create oddities like mechanical tumors, throbbing hearts for computers, skin cells, and other things of that nature.

  3 Responses to “iPhone Umbilical Cord Charger – Yep, Pretty Gross If You Ask Me”

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  1. That was scary. I wish now that I didn't watch that video.

  2. um thats just gross.eeww

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