Feb 202011

Networked blogs is posting posts under my feed from all the pages I like.  Needless to say, a ton of posts from Finger Click Saver are being posted to Facebook….I apologize.

That being said, I recently went from www.fingerclicksaver.blogspot.com to my own domain…www.fingerclicksaver.com and I wonder if that is where the problem lies.  It could possibly just be something with Networkedblogs or Facebook.  Regardless, I am frustrated and am getting impatient in waiting for a response from Networkedblogs.

Aside from that, changing to a custom domain via Google (thru blogger) has been a pretty smooth sail considering I am a novice.  And like I said, the custom domain change may not have anything to do with my issue with Networkedblogs.  Thanks for bearing with me while I work this annoying problem out!

Make it a great Sunday!

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  1. Networked Blog App on Facebook issue is all resolved! What a nightmare that was. The problem lied with app itself and I received no response from contacting NWB…I was left to figure it out myself. Good enough, all is said and done, but I never want to go there again!

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