May 062012

Jennie Withers does a remarkable job in writing her book, Hey, Get a Job! A Teen Guide for Getting and Keeping a Job.  I was asked if I’d like to review the book.  I jumped at the chance and I’m so glad I did.  With having a 14-yr. old, I thought this would be great reading material for her.  We all know that kids don’t always believe what their parents say.  Reading this guide will affirm everything a parent has said and more when it comes to getting a job.

Jennie starts Hey, Get a Job! off with "The Rules of Life" by Charles Sykes.  Now you have to read these if you haven’t!  They are so very true.  The material is very easy to read and focused.  You’ll find inspirational quotes throughout.  Jennie sections off the guide to make it easy for the reader.


The guide is sectioned off as follows:

  1. Who Will Hire Me?  – This section references the labor laws for teens.
  2. All Those Blanks – From the application to the first impression – learn how to not make it the last.
  3. Don’t Panic, It’s Just a Resume – Learn how to complete an application and resume correctly
  4. I’m Speechless – Giving tips on making the interview a success and not a nightmare.
  5. So Now I work, Right?  Wrong! – This section is devoted to what the process is after you’re hired such as all the forms, and things employers want you to learn before starting the job.
  6. What Do You want from Me? – How you can avoid being fired.
  7. In the Long Run – Learn how not to be taken advantage of by an employer.  Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of having a job and making money.

You’ll encounter STOP signs throughout the book.  These will be followed by instructions to write.  Note pages are found at the end of each section for these important assignments.  Lastly, there is a FAQ section.

Hey, Get a Job! is literally chock-full of information.  Personally, it would be nice to see all high schools to implement Hey, Get a Job! in their curriculum.  For now though – parents are on their own in teaching their kids about getting a job. Jennie’s guide can help you

You’ll find the guide at along with the Teacher’s Edition.  You can also try to win one for yourself.  Entry is easy – Rafflecopter powered.


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