Jan 162011

Not sure about all my fellow bloggers, but Saturday just seemed like it wasn’t long enough!  I started to write this post at dinner time and here it is now 1:17am on Sunday!  Where did the day go?  I did get much of my Christmas decor put away with the exception of my snowmen, which will stay up throughout the winter.  I hope you were able to accomplish one major task, at the very least, as well.  That being said,  to my new followers that I haven’t responded to (I know who you are :-), I will do so within the next couple of days…thanks for your understanding :-).  Onto what I would like to share with you today.

I am really excited to be able to share this as it could save us all a lot of time and aggravation!  I received a comment on one of my posts by “anonymous.”  Anonymous informed me of a website I was unaware of…so I had to check it out.  The website being cashreporter.com.  I have to tell you, I am impressed so far.  Here’s how it works…One types in the store they want to purchase at and in return a list of all the cash back sites offering cash back for that store are shown.  In addition, the cash back percentage for that store is shown for each cash back site. At times, I have noticed if you type in a store’s name it will pull up several stores that are similar to the one you are shopping.  All you need to do is click on the store that pertains to you.  I have checked the cash back amount they list against the official site of the cash back sites for several of the stores…I wanted to make sure they coincided.   So far, I have found no discrepancies…but…I have only had a chance to check a few.

I was impressed to learn the Discover Card has such high cash back values.  In fact, most of the stores I checked Discover’s program paid a much higher percentage than the other cash back sites.  I have never been a fan of the Discover Card, however; I may have to look into getting one provided I know I will pay the card off each month. If I couldn’t, then I would just be losing my cash back to interest charges.

I also noticed there are several cash back sites I was unaware of, yet; there were a couple of cash back sites I was aware of, but haven’t really checked into them.  You’ll also find user reviews of the cash back sites.  I find the ones I read, for example: Mr. Rebates holds true in my eyes as well.  A program with not so good reviews, or bad reviews, isn’t worth a dime to anyone.  When you want to cash out on your cash back accounts…you should be able to expect a hassle-free experience and getting your cash in a timely fashion…no questions asked!

This site looks very promising and I will continue to explore it further.  If I find any issues of value, I will most certainly share them with you!  Should you explore and have comments…I’d love to hear them.

The one downside…is it doesn’t show mypoints.com…but then why would it, as mypoints.com members earn points that can be redeemed for cash value items, not actual cash back.  The same holds true with swagbucks.  I guess we can’t have it all…maybe some day though :-).

I appreciate anyone who offers something of value to me that can benefit us all…that’s how we all learn 🙂


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Now if you click-thru your favorite cash back site, you’ll save even more  :-).


For all you students needing textbooks….Barnes and Noble can save you up to 90% on textbooks. Click thru mypoints.com to receive 10pts per dollar spent…. or mrrebates.com or ebates.com to receive 5% cash back on your purchase.

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