Jan 192011

GroovyDo is looking for beta testers. Although this isn’t Internet Shopping at it’s best, it is for those who like to travel and are looking for local items to purchase right then..which we all have to do sometimes. So I thought I would share this with you.

“Become a GroovyDo Beta user….    A Beta user just means that you will test GroovyDo when it comes out in a trial… and give us feedback on how we can make it better before GroovyDo is available to the world.  This limited program is limited to the first 100,000 beta users, you may tell your friends, family and co-workers to sign-up as well.  We expect to release our first beta release soon.onalo

 Earn a free GroovyDo promotional item after you join and complete the Beta Program,
 help make GroovyDo the next big thing by testing it out!

 “What is GroovyDo?”

“Imagine being able to search Craigslist, Amazon, eBay, and dozens of other local stores all from one spot – giving you results that are not only local to you, but relevant to your interests, and likes…   As if there were not enough, how cool would it be to get an alert on your phone when you travel, matching you up to what you are shopping for while you are traveling through different cities.
You ever been going down the road, wishing there was a way to stop and check all of the local stores to see if what you are looking for is available locally?  
Dream no more…. just think of GroovyDo!
Why shop all over the Internet for the perfect pair of shoes when you can find them locally to where you are at – home or if your traveling through another city!
GroovyDo is the new, easy way to Search, Buy and Share what’s local…  powered by GeoDexSearch.  I GroovyDo, do you?” -excerpts taken from their site


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