Jan 102014

Google’s Chrome Extension Study via The Sreenwise Panel – Get Rewarded 3 Ways

Google wants you to help them shape their world.  The Screenwise Trends Panel is a market research program for Google and they are willing to reward you for your efforts.  Check out the selection of brands and retailers where you can redeem Screenwise Trends Panel vouchers.

Panelists will be rewarded in three ways:

  • A reward comes when you complete the Register ? Install ? Activate process to become a panelist.
  • As a panelist, you will be eligible for loyalty incentives.
  • As a panelist, you will also have the opportunity to answer regular surveys on a range of topics. You will of course be rewarded for completing any future surveys.

Requirements to participate:

  • One must be of age 13+
  • Chrome must be user’s default browser or must be willing to install- as add-on tracks behavior on chrome only
  • User must have a Google account or be willing to create one (@gmail or Google account via another email)

Click here to sign up for the Chrome Extension Study (or on the banner above) to sign yourself up!

*Offer ends January 31, 2014

  9 Responses to “Google’s Chrome Extension Study via The Sreenwise Panel – Get Rewarded 3 Ways”

Comments (9)
  1. I think I have already installed this..

  2. nver knew this thanks

  3. This kinda reminds me of Bing Rewards.

    Having it as a Chrome extension is a neat idea!

  4. I’ve never heard about it and I think it only works in the US.

  5. I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and have earned a decent amount- i just keep forgetting to log in using the email i signed up with because i have multiple google accounts. Other than that, no issues with it!

  6. thanks for the great and easy way to earn rewards.

  7. That is interesting. Maybe i ‘ll register.

  8. Thank you for telling us about this!

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