Dec 052013


I can remember the day when I first got my computer and connected it to the Internet – dial-up connection at that, from AOL. I’m so glad those days are gone. Today there are much better choices for just about all of us – even those who live in rural areas.

People went from being able to pick from dial-up internet service providers to being able to get high-speed options from cable companies, to having the choice of getting DSL from phone companies and now there are many satellite companies including, that offers internet options.  I’ve actually thought about changing my Internet service provider on many occasions. I currently have cable broadband and I currently pay dearly for it. I do like the speed of it over dial- up – who wouldn’t?  But I really don’t like is the monthly bill that comes with it. The bill is outrageous. Sure, I get a discount for having a package deal…but still at $70 plus taxes is a bit much.

I’ve pondered the thought of going Satellite even though I don’t live in a rural area like my friend at Momecentric,  or the rural areas those in the forums at Frugalvillage  live (rural areas don’t have a lot of internet provider options and that is one reason satellite internet is a great option for those people).

There are a lot of advantages of having Satellite Internet – including a cheaper bill.  I’d still be connected 24/7.  I wouldn’t have to have a big dish – those days are long gone.  It’s as easy to use as cable – plug the computer into the Ethernet port on the back of the satellite broadband modem.  It’s faster than DSL.  And did I mention – my bill could be a lot less?

Even if I were to save a mere $20/mo – that equals out to be a $240 savings a year – $1200 savings in five years.  That’s a lot of money going into MY pocket.  Do you have Satellite Internet?   What is your experience?


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  1. Comcast for me, but it is like a monopoly here, they control my house phone, tv, internet and security system. It’s a bundled package, so rates are best this way.

    Bobbie Anne

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