Apr 172011
The purpose of freecycle is to keep usable items that have life left in them (not junk) out of landfills.  I have received many items from my fellow freecyclers such as…a fax/copier/scanner, an entertainment center, bookcases, end tables, a locking 4 shelf cabinet, computer desk (2…I outgrew one of them), clothing, and much more.  I have also posted many items for someone else’s taking…like TV’s, computer desks, clothing, and much more.

So what exactly is Freecycle.org?  It is communities of people who post items free via the freecycle group you belong too.  First, you sign up at freecycle.org by choosing a group (usually the nearest to your home).  From there, you read that group’s policy and guidelines.  One can ask for items that they are looking for before buying them in the event that someone has the item in need that may otherwise go to a landfill.

Just because something isn’t in perfect condition, it may very well be worth taking the time to paint or re-stain it.  It may be worth you gluing a drawer back together, or those loose chair rounds.  I have painted items over an over just b/c I love to redecorate all the time.  Other items I have received…I leave as is as they are just serving a purpose for the time being.  Some items I receive, I re-offer when I no longer have a need for them because they have life left in them.

Happy Sunday and Happy Freecycling!

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