May 032011
This tip is only for Windows 7 and Vista users.  Have you ever wondered how to make those special characters come into play without knowing all the keyboard short cuts….like…..  ^ and ÷ and £ or ¢ or ® or » …..or the many other hundreds that you see in your travels?  I have the answer for you and it’s very simple to accomplish!
  • On your task bar….Click on Start > Search… type in Character Map
  • When you see this in the window pane….click on it.  
  • Select the character code you want by clicking on it
  • Where it says ‘Characters to copy’….click on ‘select’ across from it
  • Add as many as you want and when done w/your selection click on ‘copy’
  • Using your mouse ‘right-click’ to paste the characters wherever you want them to appear..word doc, in a post, email…wherever!

That’s it!  You can remove characters in the select box by placing your mouse pointer at the last character and hitting the back space bar, or alternatively, you can highlight the characters and hit the back space bar

At the top of the window pane you can even change the Font you’d like to have the character be.  And, don’t forget to scroll down the side of the character box to see even more characters.

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