Apr 222011
Okay, so I came across this website called Flirty Aprons. Their aprons are adorable! They sell aprons for women, men and children.  Imagine having an apron for you and your daughter that look alike…or you, your daughter and your mother…how cool would that be?  Throw one in for dad too (since you can save 20% now)…give that to him for Father’s Day with some new utensils for the grill…then have him cook you a Father’s Day dinner :-).  
Personally, I really could use one of these aprons, as I am far from a careful person when I cook or clean up the kitchen.  I ruin more shirts than one can imagine when I do the dishes.  Not happening though…I just can’t be bothered with an apron. Right now you can purchase these aprons and use the coupon code 20M2011, which is good through 5/10/2011, you’ll receive 20% off all aprons. 

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  1. Hi Susan! Thanks for following me. I don't wear gloves either 🙂 but should for a lot of my craft projects!

  2. Following you back from Lucas's Journey w/SPD. I can't wait to read more of your blog 🙂 Be sure to stop by tonight to link up for our Super Mega 7 Blog hop : )

    Lucas's Journey w/SPD

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