Sep 102013

I know a lot of you like Flirty Aprons – so I thought I would share this sale with you.  For the month of September, you can snag 30% off your entire order with the code below.   I really really need to get myself one – I’ve ruined a new t-shirt I bought recently cleaning out the dishpan with bleach 🙁

For the month of September, you can snag 30% off your entire order –  Receive 30% off your entire purchase with code KITCHEN30 for the month of September.

  7 Responses to “Flirty Aprons – 30% Your Entire Order”

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  1. There is a lot of really cute aprons on this site! I like to get a really nice one, instead of the old one that I have! Thanks for posting an awesome deal.

  2. This is a wonderful discount. I am starting to buy Christmas Presents and I love the aprons for my sisters.

  3. I LOVE these aprons I have several of them!!! My daughters even have some that match mine. They make cooking and baking so much more fun!

  4. These aprons are too cute! I already own so many adorable aprons though. These might make into my birthday list for sure though.

  5. These are absolutely adorable. I don’t know why I have never worn aprons but I think they are so cute and would definitely sport one of these.

  6. Thanks for the coupon. They have cute aprons.

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