Mar 242014

Fitness and Your Heart Rate

For years and years it’s been said that one needs to reach their optimal heart rate in order to get the most of their exercise routine.  In fact, many gyms have exercise equipment that calculates the heart rate when you put your hands on a certain place on the machine.  Today’s technology is so advanced that they have come out with heart rate watches.  That said, there are many different brands and models on the market today that can be used by anyone.  These are nice as one doesn’t have to limit their exercise routine to the gym.

The Benefits of Monitoring Your Heart Rate

There have been several scientific studies showing that individuals who increase their heart rate to about 70% of its maximum level for at least 30 minutes, burn more fat during exercise.  Short bursts of exercise that push the heart rate to 90% of it’s maximum level has shown to burn even more fat when these 30 minute periods are combined with short bursts of exercise.  And, most heart rate monitors can be set to emit a signal whenever your heart rate falls below a certain level. This helps many people to stay within their target fat burning zone.

Another benefit of using these devices is the ability to spot an abnormality while reaching and maintaining one’s optimal fat burning heart rate. If one notes that their device has a sudden fluctuation in their heart rate – it may indicate a health problem and it should be discussed with your doctor ASAP.

Tips for Buying the Right Heart Rate Monitor

It’s important that you get the monitor for your needs – one that has all the features you’ll need.  For instance, would you prefer a watch monitor or one that uses a chest strap?  Each comes with pros and cons.  Some are more expensive than others.  It’s also important to buy from a reputable merchant.  Online retailers like deal exclusively with heart rate monitors, which enables the company to provide you a wider variety of devices than conventional stores. This particular site also has dedicated support staff that can help you choose which monitor is the right monitor for you.

There’s no need in spending more money on a heart rate monitor than you need to, but you also don’t want to be cutting yourself short in trying to save a few dollars.

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