Aug 082015

Fashion Label Creates Fully Downloadable Collection for 3D Printers

It’s one thing to create a fashion line that utilizes 3D printing technology and then sells it in a physical store, but it’s far more revolutionary to offer the entire collection as a digital download. That’s the idea behind Honest By’s Download EP01 line, which sees Bruno Pieters’ label partnering up with Spanish startup Comme Des Machines, a “future fashion advisory.” It’s a perfect partnership, since Pieters founded his label in 2012 as “the world’s first 100% transparent company” with the goal of sharing the origin, price, and labor cost of every material used to make his clothes. Now, the former Hugo Boss art director takes another step towards transparency with a collection that eliminates any chance of poor labor practices — you’re the one manufacturing the product, after all.

Download EP01 is comprised of some eccentric and forward-thinking pieces, from brightly colored hair combs to cartoonish shoe accessories. There’s even a bicycle license plate with the word “Revolution” printed on it. Although none of the pieces in this initial collection are actual clothes, that reality is not so far off. For now, early adopters of fashion will have to settle for brooches, keychains, and other strange accessories. Apart from Pieters’ designs, you can find other exciting developments in the 3D-printed fashion world below.

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Do you own a 3D printer?  What are your favorite projects that you create with it?

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