Mar 032011
Yes, you read it right!  I see my Facebook wall, my Twitter feed, and my Google Buzz stream all on one page.  I could add Linkedin and others, but I chose not to.  I think I may have a new best web friend!  If you haven’t heard of Seesmic….Check this out!

This is a picture of what I see…but you can make it so you only see the page you want, as well.

I am going to love this…I have a hard time making it back and forth from Twitter to Fb all the time checking on what’s been added to my walls.  I think I may have solved the problem!  Seesmic also has a destop app which contains more websites, however; I think I will stick to this to make sure I really like it before installing something bigger. However…if any of you happen to use the desktop app…would you please let me know your experience with it?  If I get good feedback…I will give it a try 🙂

How this all came about…I had been seeing these emails come to my inbox…hadn’t read any of them from this Lois person.  I just figured it was something I signed up for when I entered a giveaway.  Well tonight, I decided I would open this one email and as I read it, it made no sense to me.  So I went to the website to see what it was all about.  This is when I found their web application and decided to try it, but not before checking out the website’s reviews. I found there to be good reviews, so I signed up, added the sites I wanted to connect with, and there was my wall on all three social networks right before my eyes.  You can even respond to posts and tweets right from the dashboard. 

Since I tend to have, what seems like a hundred browsers open with multiple tabs in each one (I really do have lots of browsers open at one time), I am going to launch a browser session with just this site.  This way, it will be easy for me to locate on my taskbar.  The one drawback I found was…I couldn’t read the print very well without my spectacles.  To remedy this…using my keyboard, I held down ‘control’ and pressed the ‘+ (plus) key to enlarge the page (this happens to be one of my most favorite keyboard shortcuts!).  

Enjoy and Happy Thursday, 

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  1. Wow, this is very cool! It might make me even more addicted then I already am LMAO! Thanks for stopping by One Busy Chick, I am now following you 🙂

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