Apr 092014

Eggs-cellent Easter Savings Using the Favado App

Most will be serving Easter dinner soon and it can be an expensive meal to serve.  Looking for ways to cut the costs of that meal can be as easy as, yet also rather time-consuming, as cutting coupons and hitting store sales.  There’s also another way to save money that is not as time consuming – the Favado app.
You can download the Favado app and let it discover the savings for you.  A quick search in Favado will help you figure out the store in your area that has the best price on ham and all the other ingredients needed to make your Easter dinner as cost-saving as possible.  If there is an active coupon for the item – that will show too.

You’ll find savings for:

  • Eggs to dye
  • Candy
  • Easter Ham
  • Easter meal ingredients to make your favorite dishes

FREE Easter Recipes & Grocery List Printable (click Image)

Favado wants to make this Easter meal really simple and affordable – they’ve created this printable for you.  You’ll find recipes from ham to desserts along with a grocery list so that you don’t forget anything when you head to the store.  The recipes call for commonly used ingredients, which will most likely be discounted the week before Easter.

Download Favado today to save big on your Easter dinner as well as future grocery shopping trips!  Are you already a Favado user?  What’s your thought of the app?

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