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Educate Yourself About Pong Pong – It’s Dangerous and Easily to be Had

That. Above.  It’s the outer shell of the Pong Pong tree seed.  Inside is a seed known as a kernel.  When you watch the video below, you will see what the actual seed looks like inside.  Keep that image in your mind forever.

Not well known in the USA, Pong Pong is very well know in India and Asia.  It’s nickname is “the suicide tree.”  When ingested it disrupts the heart.  Now that a death has occurred in the US from ingesting the Pong Pong Seed purchased on the internet, it’s time that us Americans, especially parents, seriously educate themselves on the danger of the Pong Pong Seed.

Wikipedia shares this:

Cerbera odollam is a dicotyledonous angiosperm, a plant species in the Family Apocynaceae and commonly known as the suicide tree, pong-pong, and othalanga. It is a species native to India and other parts of southern Asia, growing preferentially in coastal salt swamps and in marshy areas but also grown as a hedge plant between home compounds. It yields a potent poison that has been used for suicide and murder.

Its fruit, when still green, looks like a small mango, with a green fibrous shell enclosing an ovoid kernel measuring approximately 2 cm × 1.5 cm and consisting of two cross-matching white fleshy halves. On exposure to air, the white kernel turns violet, then dark grey, and ultimately brown, or black.

The mom in this video lost her transgender child (woman) to a Pong Pong seed.  She purchased it over the internet for $5.  She died a slow painful death and confessed at the end what it was that was ingested.  Emergency Response didn’t know a thing about Pong Pong Seed; therefore they couldn’t treat the woman.  The woman died.  A piece of her mother died too.

Now her mother is on a mission to educate others, especially parents, on how dangerous this seed is (a must watch).


It saddens me that she lost a child.  It saddens me that her child felt there was no other way to overcome what she was going through.  Though, as her mother stated, if being able to save just one other person from the death of a Pong Pong seed by putting her experience out there – she’s done good.

Did you know, suicide amongst 10 – 22 year olds is the second killer in the U.S.; though suicide is prevalent for all age groups.  Now that this Pong Pong seed has been in the forefront worldwide, one would hope that someone wouldn’t obtain Pong Pong with the intent to commit suicide.  Though when under mental duress those individuals don’t think clearly.

Unfortunately, I believe that we’ll be hearing more deaths occurring from Pong Pong here in the U.S.  and it saddens me.  What are your thoughts on Pong Pong – the suicide tree?

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  1. Just another option for people, and people should be allowed options, and not have taken away from them. freedom of choice. There should be many options for people suffering pain and should not have to resort to hanging, suicide by cop, shooting, chemical intake, drowning, toxic inhalation, jumping, walking out in front of a moving object, etc.
    There needs to be more controlled painless options for this and should be accepted by the many and supported by family members, let go of the stigma of suicide disassociate with that name call it something more embarrassing not something to feel bad about before the end but to feel better about ending it, that is why we want to end it after all.

    • beautifully said Alf, having struggled with suicidal issues since I was 10, (now 35), I fully understand the trouble of those who deal with it. I also understand the pain and heart ache of when we loose a loved one to suicide. I lost my closest brother, and it shattered me. He bit the bullet, because the other options were not available. The solution is not banning trees, or herbs or anything else. The solution is helping people find healing and acceptance, and learning to move past the bigitries of society. By the time a person is ready to take their lives, and has planned it out as well enough to do so, they have already lived in a state of deep darkness, and have no hope, no way out, no way to stop the pain or whatever they are dealing with. It takes great desperation to reach that point. And it costs great pain, to find yourself believing that your better off dead.

  2. Thank you for the warning

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