May 122011
Don’t Fret the Sweat, an online resource brought forward by Unilever, who are the makers of Degree, Dove and Suave deodorant is offered to help support you and your children during the pre-tween and tween years.

Personally, I cannot understand why parents find it so hard to talk to their kids about how their body changes as they come into puberty especially during today’s times.  The whole process is so very natural, and each one of us experiences these bodily changes whether we want to or not.  I feel it’s a parents job to educate their children on the process, as if we can bring these kids into the world, then we should have to be held responsible for teaching them about their bodies, just as if we would teach them their manners.

Unfortunately, not every one feels the way I do, nor do they even care about their kids’ bodies maturing and will leave their children hanging…having no clue. And sure, many schools will teach the kids these important facts, but it’s really not their job to do so.  But then their are parents like my ex. sister-in-law to be, who won’t talk to her children; nor, will she allow them to take part in what the school offers.  So then what?  How do these kids learn before they are embarrassed or humiliated by someone?

Life is hard enough that we don’t need to complicate it further for our kids. Kids can be cruel and the last thing I would want is to have some kid tell my daughter she smells.  She’s known from a very young age (curiosity) why one uses deodorant.  She knows there are deodorants for teens, women and men.  And it cracks me up that she has a fetish for the travel size deodorants over the full size ones (it’s okay w/me as long as the deodorant works and it’s being used)….whatever trips her trigger!  In fact, I have educated her on all the facts she will need at this stage in her life, and then some.

However, should there be a need, I can direct myself or even my daughter to page and you can too.  The page is designed to help one choose the right deodorant, to getting expert advice, and more.  If you haven’t had the chance to check out the page, I encourage you to do so. Allow yourself to be an informed parent, just in case the need was to ever arise, where this resource could come in handy.

*Disclaimer…I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.

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