Feb 122011
My Coke Rewards 

If you’re going to buy Coke products, including Dasani Water and Powerade, why not utilize the extra benefit Coke offers one when purchasing these products? You’ll find codes on the product packaging. To redeem these codes you have to have an account at My Coke Rewards.  Sign up is simple. From there you enter the code from the packaging on their website under your account.  The codes you earn can be redeemed to enter sweepstakes, items in the catalog, donate to charity, and donate to your schools to mention a few.  Here’s a picture of the products that have codes:

I have cashed in my reward points towards magazine subscriptions for Xmas gifts, and most recently, a year subscription to Club Pogo…a $39.99 value.

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  1. This is a great program. I have used my points for coke products. So far we have received more than 10 free 12 packs.
    I do the instant win games and have won 4 tickets to 6 flags, and a $50 visa card.

  2. I always buy sodas! I dont know why i never thought of this before!

  3. Right ladies! Sometimes I find it a pain in the rumpus to read the codes (possibly b/c my eyes aren't as good as they used to be) aside from that…if the companies are going to let me reap the rewards for drinking their product…I'll do it!

  4. @Ronalee…I never win their instant games! What's your secret???

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