May 062011
So…my day started out not so good.  I had plans to go to Sam’s Club, and hopefully, fishing in different brooks with my daughter and her grandfather.  Well…my day turned upside down when I was told by the Home Health Agency that I had no one coming today for my son.  I was a bit peeved I didn’t get a call saying the LNA who has been coming Sundays, wouldn’t be coming today, before I had to call to find out where she was.

So…good enough, I revamped my day while moaning about it over my coffee.  I then did what I needed for my son, my brother and his girlfriend stopped by, and then my in laws stopped over.  I was cleaning up the dinner mess and thought about taking a nap.  That is exactly what I should have done! Instead I asked my FIL if he wanted to go throw our lines in the brook in the center of town.

Off we go…dog is not happy…she couldn’t go.  We thought about stopping down at the bottom of the hill where I live…but I had no sneakers on and we would have had to walk through the woods and under the bridge…decided that wasn’t happening.  So…off we went to our original destination. Mind you this place is not wooded per se, but has woody areas on the other side of the bridge and surrounding the pond in other directions.  We set ourselves up right out in the open…no woods near us.  We were watching fish jump left and right…clear out of the water…waiting for one to take our line…happening?  Not.  We keep trying, though.

Then, Ma calls Pa and said she wanted to leave at 9pm.  Good enough…Pa told her to pick him up.  We sit there trying to get them stupid fish to take our hooks….patiently waiting…I am watching my bobber and nothing.  Then for whatever reason….I looked down to the left of my left shoe and what is slithering not a foot and a half away?

Yup…you guessed it!  A snake…at least two feet long and as round as a half dollar and black in color.  I screamed my head off…scared Pa to death.  He gets up and stands behind me and says, “I don’t like snakes.”  Well, neither do I obviously.  We stood there to see what the snake was going to do.  I would’ve gotten my cell to take a pic of this snake…but I wasn’t moving for anything.  Finally, the snake turned around and went back towards the bridge.  Thank God! I honestly am surprised I didn’t piss my pants!  My heart was beating a hundred miles an hour, and Pa surely wasn’t gonna protect me, should that snake had decided to go south.  That was it…fishing was over….we packed up our gear and waited for Ma to arrive…and we headed home.

Now, I’ve had my cats bring in mice and moles. They’ve brought birds, frogs, toads, chipmunks and squirrels in the house.  I am good with all that…even if they are alive. But whatever you do…don’t put me near a snake!

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