Sep 192012
battery operated candles

Christmas is coming and for me – Christmas means LOTS of lights and candles. I decorate with strings of lights and garland intertwined, hung everywhere in my home. You’ll find balsam scented candles lit around the house. One place you don’t find candles though; are in my windows, however, this may change. I’ve found some really nice window candles that are battery operated.  One can even get holders to attach them to the windows rather than having them set upon the window sill – which is what I would do.  These candles give off an air of a modern, yet classic, look.  I don’t like those cheap plastic or brassy looking candles you find in many of the stores.  I’d much rather spend the extra money and get something that has substance to them like these below.

I also find these window/tabletop/mantel candles (directly above) to be extremely versatile and user friendly.  They come with timers where you set them and forget them.  They will stay on for six hours and even come with suction cups.  Aren’t they just simply elegant? I could find a lot of uses for these.  I make these lighted baskets with pine cones,stick ornaments, and garland- one of these would look really nice in the middle.

The key here – is that the candles are battery operated! With having as many cats as I do, and a dog that is simply nosy, I didn’t dare to use burning candles where they could easily jump and knock them over.  I also don’t care for the electric ones – I don’t like seeing the hanging cords.

I know, you’re probably thinking that batteries are expensive. But you know an easy way to cure that thinking? Get yourself a setup of rechargeable batteries. These are cost effective providing you don’t have a child like mine who would handout our rechargeables to her friends when a toy of theirs died. Yes, it will be an expense at first, but what you’ll save in the long run is well worth it. You can use rechargeables in just about any product made.

Do you decorate for the holiday season with window candles?   I would love to hear your ideas!

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