Aug 212014

Would you like to have your site redesigned for the upcoming holidays? is sponsoring this fantastic giveaway for bloggers/site owners. made over Finger Click Saver a couple months ago – from new theme install, to setting it all up, to creating the header, dividers etc., and we couldn’t be more happier with the service! Read on to learn what you could win!

Here’s how it works, there are 4 bloggers, giving away 3 prizes each and you can enter on every site if you would like.  And then, there will be one grand prize from all the entries on all 4 of the blogs.

So, what’s the prize you ask?

Three winners will be selected from each blog – giving away a Holiday Design Set from Deals on Design.  What that means is that Deals On Design will take your current blog design and make it festive for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

And ONE GRAND PRIZE WINNER will be chosen from all the entries on all 4 blogs to receive a full blog makeover.

Visit the sites below for more chances of winning & Good Luck!

  • Jerri Ann from Mom~E~Centric
  • Cindy from Amazing Super Savers
  • Stephanie from Moms With A Blog

Can you trust Deals On Design?
Absolutely!  Jerri Ann Reason who has been a blogger for more than 15 years and is owner of the following sites* and businesses:
Four Reasons Media

Trashcan Bloggers
Brass Tacks

just to name a few.  Through her parent company, Alabama Elite Media, she offers reasonably priced  hosting services, along with  technical support including reasonably priced design to meet your needs.   If you have questions, feel free to email her at

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  1. Miss Wordypressy

  2. Holiday Designs

  3. I like the shopper’s haul design

  4. Simply Sweet

  5. Sports Academy

  6. I like the Christmas Special

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