Feb 132018

 Powered by Mom’s Daddy’s Home 2 Prize Pack Giveaway

Open to US Only – Ends 2/27

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Here ya go.  A prize package for movie lovers featuring Daddy’s Home 2.  Be sure and read Powered by Mom writer, Amy’s review HERE!

About Daddy’s Home 2

When it comes to raising their kids, Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) and Brad ?(Will Ferrell) finally have this co-parenting thing down. That is, until Dusty’s macho dad (Mel Gibson) and Brad’s sweet-natured father (John Lithgow) come to town, throwing the whole family into complete chaos. As old rivalries create new problems, Dusty and Brad’s partnership is put to the ultimate test in this hilarious and heartwarming comedy that gives new meaning to the term ‘blended family.’

The Giveaway

One lucky reader will receive a copy of Daddy’s Home 2 Blu-ray Combo Pack (with DVD and Digital copy), a Pop Pop popcorn container, a Daddy mug, popcorn, hot cocoa, and a journal.

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  21 Responses to “Daddy’s Home 2 Prize Pack Giveaway”

Comments (21)
  1. Mark Wahlberg

  2. will ferrell is my favorite. he always makes me laugh.

  3. Will Ferrell is pretty funny, he would be my favorite

  4. I really like all the actors in this movie but my favorite would be Mark Wahlberg,he’s been in some of my favorite movies.

  5. Geez that’s a tough one because I REALLY LOVE ME SOME MARKY-MARK WAHLBERG!!! But Will Ferrell is so hilarious so it’s a tie!!! Love them both!!!

  6. John Lithgow is my favorite of the group because of his wide range of versatility as an actor.

  7. I would have to say that Mark Wahlberg is my favorite.

  8. My favorite is Mark Wahlburg.

  9. Of these actors, Will Ferrell is my favorite actor.

  10. My favorite is probably Mark Wahlberg.

  11. I really like Will Ferrel, he is hilarious.

  12. I love Will Ferrell 🙂 I like Mark Wahlberg to though

  13. Mark Wahlberg is my favorite

  14. I like Will Ferrell.

  15. Will Ferrell is my favorite!

  16. i love John Lithgow he is to funny

  17. Mel Gibson has been in great movies. I also think Will Ferrel is super funny. This film has a great cast.

  18. Mark Wahlberg is my favorite

  19. My favorite is Mark Wahlberg

  20. Will Ferrell

  21. I like Will Ferrel the most!

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