Jan 122012
Insulation in homes is of importance if you want to cut down on your heating and cooling bills. Traditionally, the way one does this in stick built homes is through attic and wall insulation whether it be blown in or the traditional rolled sheets of fiberglass insulation, outlet insulation, covering windows with plastic, and so on. Then there are buildings, which aren’t so easy to insulate like steel and metal buildings, what then? How does one insulate these to cut the costs on heat loss? Traditional methods won’t work for these buildings that very much need a continuous insulation system. Sealed “n” Safe will though.

Sealed “N” Safe was founded in 2008 to address the specific problem of heat loss in steel and metal buildings. The product is a rigid foam insulation specially designed thermal block which when installed with traditional fiberglass insulation, a continuous insulation system is created. The product has undergone extensive testing and has been proven to increase energy performance by as much as double or more. The product does not increase fire hazards due to exposed foams or plastics and meets or exceeds US Energy Code standards.

Given the cost to heat and cool buildings in today’s times, this could be an investment that would pay for itself time and time again…it’s also about 1/3 the price of other systems – you can’t beat that.

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