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Yes, there are a few common roof problems and if not taken care of right away – the repair cost can get pricey.  It one of those things where a step in time saves nine.

Unforeseen and obvious common roof problems are always an agony and certainly a significant expense. The article discusses which are the most every day and the settings that can either trigger or be the result of reduced service life of low-slope or premature failure of roof systems. This is not a self-help guide, but an educational list of some of the many problems most often have to deal with. It should be kept in mind that if an individual does not feel too comfortable and thinks that dealing with roof is above his or her pay grade then they should hire professional roof contractors such as Roofing contractors Ann Arbor.


Gutters are intended to repress water away from the building’s foundation and to guard the structural integrity. It is vital to keep the gutters to keep on doing their job correctly as they are extremely vulnerable to water and debris accumulation resulting in mold mildew and mold under your roof.

Luckily, the most regular gutter issues can be set by the homeowner himself. The major problem is when a downspout and gutter get so backed up with debris they become unusable. Excess weight of twigs, standing water and leaves can make them pull away and sag from the fascia. If they are sagging, this is most likely an issue with the hangers. Hangers are the hardware that safeguards the gutters to the fascia. They can worsen over time or may be spread out too far apart to back the full weight of the gutters. Hangers are a rather cheap fix.

If the gutter has holes or leaks, closing them by sealing the filling holes or joint from the inside with gutter sealant is also a cheap fix. Larger holes will need a patch.

Be sure that the gutters are pitched near the downspouts for water to stream appropriately. The universal rule is a minimum of a quarter inch slope for every ten feet. If there is stationary water, you most possibly do not have sufficient pitch. Keep the downspouts extended 4 to 5 feet from the house, or else the water will discover its way into your basement. Gutter extensions are cheap and will conserve the foundation.


Shingles roof systems bid a good defense but are predisposed to to discoloration and curling. Sections of broken or missing shingles can allow underlying wood to be susceptible to holes, rotting and other harm. They can buckle too if they were not sufficiently ventilated during the installation.

Discoloration is a sign of a roof leak and small spots can develop into gaping holes in the ceiling. Curling is due to the lack of ventilation, improperly installed fasteners or high nails. They look unappealing and are an invitation for water seepage. If there is missing shingles, ice, water and snow are hitting the roof square on, which is a straight route to rot. Inspect the roof frequently and make repairs or replace shingles as needed.

It’s important to fix common roof problems asap – it saves one a lot of money.

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