Jul 232012
Cleveland Golf MASHIE IRONS

Are you a golfer?  Have you checked out Cleveland Golf Mashie Irons?  Mashie Irons are designed for

distance, versatility, and distance.  They are great beginner clubs or any player aiming for a better score.  These irons combine 3-5 easy-to-hit hybrids with cavity-back irons (large).  Each hybrid comes with the proud Mashie seal and sharp black and white pom-pon RetroSock headcover.

All Cleveland Golf Mashie Irons have the enhanced Gliderail technology characteristic.  Gliderail Sole technology means that the sole is integrated with four rails.  These rails have a strategically designed shape right below the center of the club face.  This feature -Gliderail technology has been proven to add additional distance and forgiveness -regardless of being in the sand, rough, or fairway.  In combining the five points, there is enhanced versatility for any situation; this leads to substantiate the concept of “utility.”
This technology also prevents digging and decreases turf drag, increasing clubhead speed.  In turn, this enhances the forgiveness from even the bad lies.

Mashie Irons come in many shaft offerings.  In addition, there are several specifications including models, lofts, steel lengths, steel and graphite swingweights, offsets and more.

Cleveland Golf Mashie Irons are found at Clevelandgolf.com

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