Jun 012011
So…what now?  Do we have a whole lot of choices in today’s world? We all want the newest technologies…we all want the conveniences. I’d love to hear your take on all this :-).

It’s all over the news…The World Health Organization is now categorizing cell phones as being in the same “carcinogenic hazard” category as lead, engine exhaust and chloroform due to the radiation (non-ionizing) they emit. “What that means is they found some evidence of increase in glioma and acoustic neuroma brain cancer for mobile phone users, but have not been able to draw conclusions for other types of cancers.”

What are your thoughts on cell phones and brain cancer?  Are you concerned for your children (those who use cell phones) in developing brain cancer where their skin and skulls aren’t as thick as adults? Will you be going more hands free?  Holding the phone further from the head when talking? Using the speaker phone?  What about how the kids use cell phones?

Even though it’s stated it could take decades to develop a brain cancer…I do not completely buy that.  My brother in law (31 yrs. at the time) died a few years back from a type of glioma (fast growing cancerous brain tumor) that manifested so fast that we were told even if he had been diagnosed prior to finding him dead…they wouldn’t have been able to do anything because these types of brain tumors grow at such a fast rate.  

Here’s the timeline he experienced symptoms…it shows you how fast a brain tumor can kill.  About 3 weeks before his death…he began to complain of  headaches.  Then he started to complain of heartburn and was downing milk to ease the symptoms.   A couple of his friends noted him wandering off by himself during this time…which was not like him, but nothing was ever said to his family.  Next thing…he was found by his brother dead in his bed.  The tumor had brought on a grand-mal seizure, seizure caused a heart attack and it was fatal.  

So knowing what I do know about gliomas…I am not convinced it takes decades for them to erupt. And, sure there are other brain tumors and they aren’t as fast growing as the gliomas.  In fact, my son still has a piece of one (choroid plexus papilloma) in his brain…it’s never grown in 27 yrs.  And as far as acoustic neuroma brain cancer…I have no idea what these are about…but I will be researching these for sure.  

It’s a scary world we live in today.  I have said for a long time that it’s our environment killing us. All these new products we use to cook with.  All of the chemicals we use.  Our drinking water…drinking water in Maine was said to be the cause of two children from the same area having a type of leukemia back when my son was at Children’s Hospital in Boston when he was 3 weeks old…they both died.  I ran into a woman a few years back…she told me she was a breast cancer survivor…she told me the doctors told her it was her drinking water that caused it.  How do we trust anything being safe for us today?  

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  2 Responses to “Cell phone Use and Cancer…What are your thoughts in light of New finding?”

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  1. I remember when cell phones first became popular that there was concern about brain cancer/radiation, etc from cell phones and it seemed like no one cared enough to learn more. I don't know that anyone will really change…it's too convenient. I don't talk on the phone often, but all we have is cell phones so it is a little disconcerting, especially when we don't really have other options.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Judy. This whole deal is very disconcerting. I've only had a cell for about 9/10 yrs now as I didn't have the need before that. I didn't pay much attention to the 'buzz' about the usage until the past few years. It's almost like the 'buzz' about re-using plastic soda/water bottles. It seems like no matter what we do…it could be a bad decision.

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