Mar 042015

CarPET Scratch Stopper Saves Your Carpets from Cat Claws

As an owner of 13 cats, with owning an upwards of 27 once, I know the destruction that their claws can bring to a home.  Though we don’t have any expensive carpets in our home; the furbabies still like to claw the carpets to sharpen their claws.

We do have a couple of low-pile sample carpets that are strategically placed in the home and we have area rugs.  They do like to claw those – which works for me because I don’t want them clawing the furniture.  The rug in the living room is their favorite though, as far as clawing goes.  I also don’t cut their nails for the mere fact that they go outside.

Though from past experience should we ever decide to put carpets throughout our home; we’d need to invest in several of these CarPET Scratch Stoppers

As you can imagine, there are many times when one of our cats will get shut into a room.  They hate being confined and start clawing at the floor, the casing, the door – all in attempts to get out of the room.  Then of course, there are the times when they want to get into rooms – especially when I’m in one with the door shut.  They do the same thing until I get up to let their furs in.  With our flooring as it is now, I don’t have to worry about any destruction being done to the floor.

Cats hate being shut in – the first photo above really says it all.  The CarPET Scratch Stopper is the perfect solution for saving those expensive carpets from claw damage – seriously carpets aren’t cheap to replace.  Sometimes it just makes sense to put out the expense to save something from such damage.

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This was brought to you by and CarPET Scratch Stopper.

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