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Most of us are familiar with the Carmex Brand. I know it’s a brand that I grew up with but I had no idea that it has been around since the year 1937. That means that my mother grew up with this brand, she was born in 1937, and the same year the brand launched the Carmex Original Jar. Here we are in 2013, and I’m just discovering that the Carmex brand also makes a healing lotion and a healing cream for the skin. Yes, they have a skin care line and shame on me for not knowing this!

Regardless, I now know of these products and that’s all that counts. I was sent the Carmex hydrating Lotion and the Carmex Healing Cream in their new packaging. I couldn’t wait to read up on what these products were about.

The Carmex Healing Cream is formulated to mimic your skin’s natural lipid layer and the petrolatum and allantoin ingredients soften the skin and aid in moisturization. The Carmex Healing Cream has nine healing ingredients to help aid the healing of the driest, roughest skin. It’s perfect for every day use.

The Carmex Hydrating Lotion contains soothing aloe in an ultra-concentrated form, and vitamin E without any greasiness.  It’s also great for every day use.

I am convinced that Carmex knows what they are doing…both the healing lotion and the healing cream are quality products and here’s why I say this:

My 15yo daughter got her hands on both products when they first arrived and took them to her room (she can’t help herself if it’s something that she thinks she’s going to like). Not a problem though. She has issues in the winter with the backs of her hands cracking and at times, to the point where they will bleed. She began using the healing cream and her first comment after applying the cream, “Mom, I love the smell!” Of course she meant the pleasant light scent that one can smell after applying the lotion.

Since she had ‘claimed’ the lotions – I had her continue using the cream on her hands. Within a few short days, she told me that her hands felt smooth and she was experiencing no more cracking and dryness. I think Carmex won her over 🙂 She’s proceeded to care for her hands with the Carmex Hydrating Lotion and her hands continue to be free from cracking, dry skin.

Her brother, whom is disabled and can’t really communicate verbally, wanted me to scratch his elbow and his legs when I was dressing him. This happened a couple days in a row before mom finally smartened up and said to herself – hmmm…I wonder why he’s asking to have those areas scratched all of a sudden. I then got to thinking – the reason could be dry skin.

That’s when I found myself stealing the Carmex Healing Cream from his sister’s room. I applied a fair amount to both arms and legs. Within, I’d say, three days – he was no longer asking me to scratch. Had I realized that his legs were so dry; I would have begun putting the cream on long before I had.

Do you have issues with dry/cracking skin?  Have you tried the Carmex skin care line?  Whether you have or haven’t, here’s a chance for you to win the same products I was sent…thanks to Carmex.

But, before we move on to the giveaway, I want to show you what Carmex sent me along with their skin care (btw – daughter claimed the sweat shirt too!).  Thank you Carmex!

Giveaway (Does NOT include Sweatshirt)

One entrant will receive a tube of the Carmex Healing Cream and a tube of the Carmex Hydrating Lotion.  Giveaway is open to the US.  Simple entry – Rafflecopter powered.  Giveaway dates – 4/5/2013 – 4/15/2013 @ 11:59pm.  Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Carmex is wonderful.

  2. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  3. Thanks for the chance. Love Carmex products!

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