Dec 232012
Carmex Lip Conditioner

Introducing – Carmex Everyday Lip Conditioner.  A little yellow tube with a white cover, containing a lip conditioner with a hint of a natural orange flavor, packed with 13 moisturizers including:

  • lanolin (aids in your skin retaining moisture)
  • allantoin (aids with moisturization plus helps healing)
  • dimethicone (aids with moisturization and protects the tender skin on your lips)

Sound good?  It is good!  In fact, I was sent two (2) tubes to try so I gave one to my daughter – a 15yo, and before a couple of days had passed – she was asking for my tube!  Seriously! Of course, I had to tell her NO!

Unlike a lot of lip conditioners I’ve experienced in the past – this lip conditioner, by far, outweighs the ‘little’ things that are important to me.  For instance, I hate anything that feels heavy on my lips.  If the product is too heavy, I head for a tissue and off it comes. I hate the sticky feeling a lot of lip conditioners leave behind and this lip conditioner – leaves no stickiness.  I love the hint of the orange scent flavoring – it’s not too strong and the smell lingers for a bit (honestly – I think this is what attracts my daughter to this lip conditioner).  I can’t stand when something sticks to my teeth – drives me crazy!  And with this  lip conditioner, if it gets in your mouth  – there’s no sticky, yucky, greasy film left in the mouth or on the teeth.  Lastly, one wouldn’t think any lip conditioner could absorb quickly, but this one does!  This is a huge plus for me because if something is on my lips too long – which really isn’t that long in all actuality – I will scrape it off with my teeth.  I guess you could say – that is pretty much how much I hate having anything on my lips.

I must say the Carmex Everyday Lip Conditioner – has won me over.  Give it a try – I think you’ll be very happy.

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  1. I have used carmax since I can remember. I get really chapped lips and it makes them so soft.

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