Mar 162011
Have you ever wondered what carcinogens are in your cleaning products?  Here’s a list of a few.

Carpet Stain Removers: To have the power to lift serious stains, these products sometimes use percloroethylene, which isn’t only toxic but also can irritate the respiratory system.

Furniture Polish: This one is pretty scary – Most furniture polish achieves that shine with nitrobenzene, a central nervous system toxin that can be absorbed through the skin.

Air Fresheners: These generally contain formaldehyde and naphthalene, known carcinogens, and other chemicals as well. You don’t even need to use air fresheners! They simply mask the odor, when you need to be removing it.
The Solution: There are tons of green cleaners on the market as well as natural green cleaners. There are even tons of DIY recipes for homemade cleaners. When it comes to air fresheners, baking soda does the trick. And if you want a delicious scent, light a candle or simmer natural spices like cinnamon or ginger.
Since I only clean my area rugs twice a year, I don’t worry too much about using the cleaner I do…which isn’t a traditional carpet cleaner such as Bissell’s.  I came across one at the pet store when our dog was a puppy as she had them ‘accidents’.  Well…that carpet cleaner turned out to be the best thing ever for my braided rugs.  I decided that since it worked so well to just keep using it; and, it actually costs less than what I would pay for Bissell’s brand. 

Furniture Polish…well only on occasion in my house.  I had heard a long time ago these weren’t good for you, or your furniture.  And air fresheners, I don’t use either as I would rather simmer cinnamon sticks in water on my stove.  I also use vinegar and water or just vinegar to clean surfaces.  In fact, vinegar is one of my best friends.  I wash my windows with it, my floors, fabrics that need deodorizing…I add it to my wash, I use a mixture of vinegar and water in my hand-held steam cleaner to wash my walls, and more. Vinegar is cost effective, a natural deodorizer, green and doesn’t leave the water-like marks on my laminate flooring like other cleaners do.  

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