Nov 142012

One of the first things a new business needs to do is to get connected socially online – it’s essential for the business. Socially connecting online will get the business instant access to the world. Instant access means providing those who like the page with new information, products, contests and more – instantly. Since Facebook is the top leader in social media – a business would want to first set up a Facebook page. Of course, you’d want your business Facebook page design to look professional.

Designing a Facebook page isn’t hard to do, and there are services that specifically will help you, in all aspects of putting together a business Facebook page design should you have the desire to want to hire out. Should you be unsure as to how you want your page to display, simply search Facebook to see what other companies have created for their page design. From there – you can put together a fabulous looking page.

Things to consider when designing the business page are:

  • The header (maybe the brand’s logo or website header)
  • The Tagline (briefly describe to your visitors what the page is about)
  • Claiming the business’s page name (this replaces the long series of numbers in the URL with your Facebook page business name)
  • Advertising the business page (people need to find the business)

Let’s talk about the last consideration. There’s a whole lot of bang for the buck when advertising on Facebook as so many people use Facebook daily. Continuing to grow your Facebook following can be easily accomplished by running a promotion. . You’d be surprised how many people love contests/promotions. One sees successful promotions/contests being held on Facebook all the time.

When companies offer promotions, they get people to ‘like’ the business’s Facebook page. Companies are able capture email addresses to add to their newsletters. A requirement of the giveaway for an extra entry can be to ask those who have entered to share the promotion with their Facebook friends. This in turn makes the business page seen multiple times over. The one thing that does need to be remembered is that the promotion has to be compliant with Facebook’s TOS.There’s no reason to be intimidated by this. There are companies that can help with the business Facebook page design for even this aspect of a business page.

*This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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