Oct 112011
Christmas is coming and I am trying to make a decision; but since I am not an avid reader of books, I thought I would seek out the opinions of those who are.  
Here’s the deal:  
My mother in law – in her 60’s – loves to read books.  I’ve been pondering the idea of getting her a Kindle/Kindle Fire for a combined birthday/Xmas gift.  That being said, I don’t know if she’d like a Kindle where she has always read paperback books.  What are your thoughts?  Do you own an eReader?  I don’t want to waste my money if it’s not something she’d enjoy using. 
Thanks!  Your input is greatly appreciated!
Make it a great day!

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  1. I just ordered a Kindle last week. I'm super excited to get it. I had always said I wouldn't get an eReader because I love paper books too much. But I recently read a great novel on my computer (because I didn't have an eReader) and I didn't even notice the screen once I got immersed into the book. That convinced me to buy one.

    The best thing about eReaders is that you can store thousands of books in one place, so if she travels at all or likes to read while waiting for appointments than an eReader would be great. No lugging around huge hardcovers that weigh a ton.

    Plus there are hundreds of FREE ebooks online. Any classic book such as Pride & Prejudice is free.

    I'll let you know how I like mine once I get it but I think that it would be a great gift for any reader.

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